1) Transceiver unit with independent

           1550nm DFB Laser diode transmitter
           APD receiver
2)   Dual Data-rate of 1.25Gbps/1.0625Gbps Operation
3)   Standard serial ID information compliant with SFP MSA
4)   SFP MSA package with duplex LC connector
5)   Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface
6)   Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection
7)   +3.3V single power supply
8)   Wide operating temperature range
9)  RoHS compliant
Part Number Package Style Data Rate Wavelength 
Reach Connector
DTS3112L-C(D)20 SFP 1.25G 1310nm 20KM LC
DTS3112L-C(D)40 SFP 1.25G 1310nm 40KM LC
DTS5512L-C(D)40 SFP 1.25G 1550nm 40KM LC
DTS5512L-C(D)80 SFP 1.25G 1550nm 80KM LC
DTS5512L-C(D)H3 SFP 1.25G 1550nm 120KM LC
DTS8512L-C(D)S5 SFP 1.25G 850nm 550M LC