Key Features:

The box add aging-resistant in imported high tensile construction plastic out-faster is made up of stainless steel.
Overlap structure in splicing tray easy to install, Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber
Perfect leak prooflessness and fine function, Perfect and reliable sealing operations
Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm, Full accessories for convenient operations
Fiber optic splice closure can be used repeatedly
For aerial, and direct buried applications


Temperature: -40 to +80 degrees Celsius, Atmosphere: 70 to 106kpa
Sealing property at normal temperature: Internal pressure: 70 KPa, without decrease in 72 hours
High temperature sealing property: Internal pressure: 70KPa, without decrease in 168 hours at 60 degree
Insulated resistance: >2× 104MΩ , Intensity: 15KV (DC) not being broken down, has no flying arc.
Add ional Loss: No additional loss when optic fibers are winded in the splice trays
The-ageing time of the material of the enclosure is beyond 20 years.

Item Description Number of inlet/outlet ports Capacity(Cores) Size
1 Fiber closure, dome type DTLCE-D1 4 Bunchy: 6-48 φ178x288
2 Fiber closure, dome type DTLCE-D2 4 Bunchy: 12-96, Ribbon: up to 288 φ190x415
3 Fiber closure, dome type DTLCE-D3 6 Bunchy: 12-240, Ribbon: up to 576 φ220x455