A cost effective solution for a protecting passive termination of a premise fibers. FibrePro fiber socket is injection molded with an integral fiber retention system allowing for quick installation plastic and a positive lock strain relief for most premise fiber cable. A compact wall-outlet providing an optical demarcation point for fiber-to-the-home applications. Mounted on the inside of a building, the optical CPE box provides physical protection for the transition between provider and customer.


Standard 86 type panel which specifically suits family use in FTTH and FTTD.
The adapter towards down which avoid the laser beams into the eyes directly
The clasp design for the cover greatly makes the installation easier. It matches up with other A86 electronic devices. Macro-diametered wrapping post in the box protects radically in a maximum way.
Connection Method: Fusion splicing/field fast connection/L-type FA connector socket.


Used in FTTH indoor application, home or work area
Provide users with optical access or data access
Store surplus fiber inside, easy for operation

Item                                           Socket panel
Size(H*W*D)mm                        150*110*28mm
Cable diameter(mm)                           -
Cable ports                                   4 holes
Max capacity of splice                   4 cores